Modular pontoons from Pontoon & Dock Ltd

Modular pontoons from Pontoon & Dock Ltd

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Eeuwe De Jong Shipyard Receive New Roodberg Cradle Transporter

The Scheepsmotoren Eeuwe de Jong shipyard in the Frisian town of Heeg have received their new Roodberg CT25SD Cradle Transporter. The new Transporter is the answer to securely and rapidly moving heavier yachts over both rough and paved boatyard terrain. "It's an all-rounder" deemed Eeuwe de Jong. 

The new Transporter can be described as a great all-rounder. Yachts of up to 25 tonnes can be moved around any shipyard problem free. Rough ground, kerbs are no longer a problem thanks to the exclusive Roodberg design with double tandem wheels. The system lowers and spreads the weight on the ground surface, enabling humps and bumps to be negotiated without jolts. Eeuwe de Jong explains: "This ensures the best support for the boat’s hull and also guarantees faster and safer work when moving." De Jong has been using these special Roodberg Transporters for many years and is once again enthusiastic about his latest boatyard acquisition. 

The Transporter has a range of unique and practical qualities. The concept consists of a ‘one man operation system’, and indeed one man can perform the entire transport operation with almost any towing vehicle. A number of safety enhancing and practical features are included, such as the 'hydraulically operated drawbar' for stable and safe parking. This easy to operate drawbar also increases profit, as every cm² of the yard can be used for boat storage. The 'top step storage', used for transporting the required tools and materials, completes this new Transporter.

Eeuwe de Jong: "They’ve truly thought of everything in this trailer. Moving boats around the boatyard has never been easier. And of course it frees up time to spend on my own expertise: the care and maintenance of boat engines and propellers."